Tom Lutz

5 Dec

Tom Lutz addresses the changes that have occurred to books and journalism since the start of new media. He realizes that people are no longer making a living out of reporting the news. As a blog reader myself and now currently working on my own, I could definitely see where this is coming from. With so many blogs out there and only a few gaining enough attention to be able to make money off of advertisements and sponsorships, people are no longer getting credit for their work. The demand for good writing has diminished with the internet because the access of information devalues contributions from writers.

Similarly, new media has made way for more “citizen journalism” as many sites and blogs are not only inviting readers to contribute to the conversation, but create their own. Contributors are not subjected to certain criteria and anyone who has an opinion is eligible. People no longer have to be educated on journalism to be published. Although, I do not see this as a bad thing or as an “issue” as Lutz does, I do see why this may be of some concern. I do see the decline in journalists who are actually making a living doing what they do and it is for the reason that I mentioned above – journalistic work is devalued with the excess of information that the internet has created. Lutz, for example, is only able to pay his reviewers $100 per review when they would have gotten so much more in the past. It just goes to show how the demand for good, educated journalism has decreased with new media.

I respect what Lutz is doing with his site however, because I want to salvage the little of “old school” literature and journalism that we have left. Even though I know change is necessary with the continuing advancement of technology, we need something to separate us from it so that we do not lose our overall ability to live outside of it.


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