The Medium is the Massage

21 Oct

"The Medium is the Massage" coverI personally found Marshal McLuhan’s The Medium is the Message to be intriguing. I agree with McLuhan’s belief that due to new media, the public that was once created by print technology no longer consists of “separate individuals walking around with separate fixed points of view”. Rather, the media has forced people to look at different perspectives with a more objective approach.

The “medium” also affects the way that the message is presented and received by the audience. For example, television allows viewers to judge content at a completely different level than what is seen in a newspaper. A person is more interested in the content of newspaper than they are of the specifics of a television program, such as how well-spoken the subject on television is or how visually appealing a news program is.

However, I also disagreeing with a lot of the points made in the book. I do believe that it is necessary for how culture to progress and evolve from print media into a more technological society because it not only allows for information to be passed more quickly, but it connects us all at a more global level. Additionally it has given more people a voice and has allowed for movements as seen by Egypt’s recent revolutionary actions on Twitter.

Undoubtedly, it has drastically changed how the youth is educated, but I do not think that it has hindered them, or us I should say. We only have been introduced to a whole new array of possibilities that allow for new interests and opportunities. Ask software developers or the people of Egypt where they would be now if new media never existed and they would be lost.

I do not want to lose old media completely. I still prefer books over E-readers and I enjoy “hound-dog journalism” more than I do “Yellow Journalism”. However, I cannot deny that new media has opened our worlds up a little further and allowed us to see things of it that we may have never been able to do otherwise. With new media, the possibilities are endless.


One Response to “The Medium is the Massage”

  1. jpastore October 25, 2011 at 6:17 pm #

    Jazmin, I like that you argue against some of McLuhan’s points. I’m on the same page with you regarding the setbacks technology has on the youth. Although they may overuse technology this is how there generation is growing up and in the end advance their educational experience rather than hold them back.

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